Wednesday, July 05, 2006

A family places their Dad's "ashes" in the Mekong River...

For a week prior to the actual cremation, the family kept their father's body in an air conditioned casket at their home. Community members could come and pay their respects by lighting incense and saying prayers.

One week after the cremation, the family took a boat out into the Mekong River to place their father's ashes into the water.

With monks chanting, family members lit incense sticks as the boat moved up stream to the place where the man's ashes would be given to the Mekong River.

Arriving at the place in the River where the man's final remains would be thrown into the Mekong River, the Abbot poured perfume into the bag holding the man's ashes.

And with the chanting over and prayers having been given, the family threw their father's ashes into the mighty Mekong River...

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