Thursday, June 22, 2006

Nongkhai.. another day, another picture, another story!

Before heading off to India on a kind of pilgramage to visit where the Buddha was born, gave his first talk, and died, the Abbot sent me out to a small village where his 83 year old sister lives. She's a real kick!

Well.. seemed I arrived at the Abbot's sister's house just in time for lunch... a meal of stickie rice and... buffalo "lop" ... cooked buffalo hamburger, which just before serving... the raw buffalo blood had been poured over! I ate the rice, but there was no way I was even touching that bloody stuff! Haven't been able to enjoy a meals since ...

One day during passing period at school, I stopped to have a chat with one of my students who was listening to music. And what music was he listening to? American Rap!

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