Thursday, May 25, 2006

I'd just sat down at my table, hands loaded with all the goodies from the hotel's breakfast buffet, when out of the corner of my eye... I saw it! I swear the way it was scurrying around, it looked like an well toned athlete going for the gold in an Olympic event! I'd never seen anything make such exact and daring moves as it skillfully scampered between the salt shaker, toothpick holder and my cup of coffee! Judging from its speed, agility and shiny brown wings, this was a little critter who lived high on the hog, so to speak!

So down on the table went my bowl of cooked cereal, fresh slices of papaya and pineapple, as well as the poached egg on hot toast. I could not tell which of these, the little rascal had its beady black eyes on, for no more had the plates touched the table and the battle began. Me trying vainly to protect my breakfast and that menacing little creature trying to snatch something off my plate!

A quick swift whack of my spoon on the table top, sent it racing off to its hide out somewhere under the table or in the wall. But not for long! This little early morning food snatcher had done this before and knew well what to do. About the time my fork was on its way to my mouth, loaded with egg and toast... out from behind the pepper shaker it came racing forward with a vengeance! Of course I was too pre-occupied with getting the food into my mouth that I could not defend myself! Or my food!

With lightening speed, my table top athlete made a direct hit on the yogurt covered cereal and disappeared as quickly as it had come! I was utterly amazed... and more than a little speechless!

At this point I decided the only way to keep this vile little critter off my food, was either to gulp it down in seconds or build a wall to keep it away from my meal! I decided on the wall. With this in mind, I filled several glasses, avoiding the stares I was getting from the other customers and staff, with cold water and built a barricade between the brown winged table warrior and my food. I was so pleased with myself... until... again as I was gobbling down some cereal, out of nowhere, my papaya came under direct attack!

Enough! I moved to another table and finished my breakfast in peace!

Post script: I should note here that my hotel is actually quite nice. Okay... it's no 5 Star place, but for $30 a night, the A/C works, it's quiet, the buffet is really good! Well... when the roaches are not around!

Last Post Script: I think it is going to take me weeks to get the Bangkok smog off my teeth and out of my lungs! There has been no rain in Bangkok and the air is really badly polluted. Normally the pollution has not bothered me in the past, but this year, it feels like one can actually make a meal out of the smog that is in the air. I've noticed too that there are many many more people who now wear some type of mask over their faces. Especially the police officers and security guards who are in the traffic all day long. But tonight I catch the night train for NongKhai and will leave the smog behind!

It's sooo fun hearing about your trip every year... I have lots to tell you but, considering your so well connected in Rialto I will have to wait until after tuesday, when the word will be out:) Enjoy you memorial day weekend. I know it's different their. Just thought I would wish you a nice weekend. Post again soon.
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